Home & Fabric Care Products

Household Cleaners

Create a clean environment for your family with quality surface cleaners and protectors for your home.

Ajax® Professional

Ajax® Professional - a range of cleaning products with power formulas that are targeted by room or job. Look how easy it is.

  • Ajax® Professional Bathroom Power Cleaner
  • Ajax® Professional Kitchen Power Degreaser
  • Ajax® Professional Mould Power Cleaner
  • Ajax® Professional Stainless Steel


Make household cleaning easier than ever with products you can depend on from top brand Ajax®.

  • Ajax® Floor Cleaner
  • Ajax® Powder Cleanser
  • Ajax® Cream Cleanser




Ajax® Spray n' Wipe®

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® cuts through grease and grime whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance.

  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Multipurpose Antibacterial Sprays: Ocean Fresh, Lemon Citrus, Lavender & Citrus, Apple & Citrus
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Glass Spray



Ajax® All-in-1

Ajax® All-in-1 has many uses. Let Ajax help you clean simpler & easier with one product! Use with confidence in the kitchen, bathroom, on mirrors/glass, on floor surfaces and on dishes.

  • Ajax® All-in-1 Lemon Fresh
  • Ajax® All-in-1 Intense Fresh
  • Ajax® All-in-1 Divine Blends Floral Bloom



Ajax® Spray n' Wipe® Multipurpose Wipes

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Wipes are easy to lift out and allow you to tackle spills without having to stop what you’re doing.

  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Divine Blends Fresh Pear & White Lily
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Antibacterial Wipes

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Divine Blends

Experience our new Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Divine BlendsTM range.

  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe Divine Blends Orange Mountain Blossom
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe Divine Blends Vanilla & Berries


Nifti® All Purpose Cleaner Spray dissolves tough dirt and grease with ease. Just spray on and wipe off to remove dirt, grease, grime and scuff marks. Simply spray onto surface then wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth.

  • Nifti® All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Dishwashing Detergents

Powerful diswashing liquids and detergents for sparkling clean dishware.

Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate

More power in every drop.

  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Lemon
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Gentle Care Dry Skin with Aloe
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Original
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Sensitive

Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends™

Experience our new Divine Blends™ range.

  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends™ Vanilla & Berries
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends™ Summer Peach & Hibiscus
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends ™ Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals


Palmolive® Regular

Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands.

  • Palmolive® Original
  • Palmolive® Dry Skin
  • Palmolive® Lemon Lime
  • Palmolive® Antibacterial Lemon
  • Palmolive® Melon

Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean™

Harness the power of Palmolive Fusion Clean.

  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean with Baking Soda & Lime
  • Palmolive® Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean with Vinegar & Lemon

Fabric Conditioner

Bring fabrics back to their soft and cozy best with gentle fabric softeners for your laundry.

Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™

Divine Blends™ skillfully combines two divine fragrances to tantalise your senses and bring a splash of life to your laundry!

  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™ Fresh Pear & White Lily
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™ Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™ Warm Vanilla & Creamy Coconut
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™ Orange Flower & Freesia

Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets

Make ironing easier, reduce static cling and soften clothes with fragrant Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets.

  • Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets Field Flowers









Fluffy® brings softness and fragrant sensations to your clothes.

  • Fluffy® Concentrate Summer Breeze










Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™

A touch of everyday luxury is easy to achieve. Pamper yourself and your clothes with the softness and fragrance of Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™.

  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™ Aqua Desire
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™ Floral Enchantment
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™ Spice Allure
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™ Midnight Rose




Fluffy® RTU

Ready-to-use Fluffy® Concentrate fabric softener.

  • Fluffy® RTU Jasmine Fresh
  • Fluffy® RTU Summer Breeze
  • Fluffy® RTU White Lavender
  • Fluffy® RTU Vanilla & Coconut

Fluffy® Sachet

Refill your 2L Fluffy® containers with a choice of fragrant 250ml liquid sachets.

  • Fluffy® Summer Breeze Sachet
  • Fluffy® Jasmine Fresh Sachet
  • Fluffy® Spice Allure Sachet