Fluffy Freshen Up Clothes Refresher Spray It’s a Breeze 400ml

Fluffy Freshen Up Clothes Refresher Spray It’s a Breeze 400ml

Save time, save water, save face!

Whether your clothes have been worn once, have been sitting in a wardrobe for months or pulled from an overnight bag, we bring them back to a fresh state for a second life that doesn't need to go through a full wash cycle.

Impressive right!






Alcohol, Ethoxylated

Cleaning agent


Pleasant scent

Lactic Acid

Antibacterial agent


Softening and conditioning agent

Silicone Emulsion

Antifoam agent

FreshenUp 101:

1. Grab that outfit in need of a refresh and lay it out on a flat surface.

2. Hold the bottle at least 25cm from your threads and spray away.

3. Mist evenly across the areas to be treated and then use your hands to smooth out those wrinkles.

4. Hang your outfit for about 15 minutes to give it time to dry and release those creases.

5. Wash hands after use...it's just good hygiene!

Now that you’ve “freshened up” (See what we did there?) you’re ready to tackle what comes next!

While this is a handy on-the go solution for a savvy soul, it’s no replacement for a full laundry wash cycle...we trust you to make the right call as to exactly when you do that.


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