Ajax® Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes Citrus & Pineapple

Ajax® Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes Citrus & Pineapple

Available in: 110 Pack

Ajax Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes add a new level of disinfectant power to the biodegradable and grease cutting Ajax Wipes formula. It's simple, we're better for your home because we know that's important to you.

- Feel powerful using hospital grade disinfectant wipes that kill 99.9% of germs, such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus.

- Feel proud knowing Ajax wipes are made of biodegradable fibres.

- Feel confident in a clean home with wipes that cut through grease, grime and stains.

Use these multipurpose wipes to clean:

Kitchen: Benchtops, stovetops, sinks, rubbish bins.

Bathroom: Toilets, toilet seats, floor, baths, taps, basins.

Other surfaces: Tables, desks, phones, door handles, high chairs.







Viscose Fibre

Wipe substrate



C9-11 Pareth-8

Cleaning agent

Propylene Glycol N-Butyl Ether

Cleaning solvent

Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride

Antibacterial agent


Pleasant scent

Lactic Acid

pH adjuster

C9-11 Pareth-2.5

Cleaning agent

Four Easy Steps

1) Peel back the sticker and pull our wipe through.

2) Simply wipe your surfaces until they're clean.

3) If you want to disinfect (non-porous) surfaces, wipe them until they are thoroughly wet, then let it sit for 10 minutes. There's no need to dilute or rinse, they’re so easy to use!

4) Once you're done, please dispose of our wipes thoughtfully. Do not flush them down the toilet - our planet will thank you!


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